What Is A Yoga Blanket For? How Are Yoga Rugs or Blankets Used?

What is a yoga blanket?

Yoga blankets are just what they say they are - blankets that you use for yoga. They’re like yoga mats, in that they offer you support for yoga poses and cushioning for your hands and knees, but they can also keep you warm in relaxation poses or when doing meditation - especially if you like to practice yoga outside when the weather is cool. Your yoga blanket or yoga rug should be a single-layered piece of cloth that’s not too thin or too thick (basically, any thick blanket can be your yoga blanket).

What is a yoga blanket used for?

Some common ways you can use a yoga blanket or yoga rug in your routine are:

  • Stay warm during meditation and Savasana - just don’t fall asleep!
  • Cushion your wrists, elbows, and knees - use for cat/cow, bird-dog, low lunge, camel pose, or side forearm plank by folding the blanket it placing it under your elbows or knees
  • Sit higher in seated poses - sitting on a yoga blanket helps keep your spine straight if you’re sitting on the edge of a folded blanket because it tips your pelvis forward
  • Assist in flexibility - for those with tight hips, rolling a yoga blanket can help support you while you’re opening your hips
  • Replace your yoga props - whether you roll it, fold it, or lay it out, you can replace common equipment like yoga blocks and bricks or your regular yoga mat in a pinch
How to choose the yoga blanket that’s right for you

High-quality blankets are always a good investment, especially when you’re going to use it for years - whether you’re practicing yoga on it or snuggling underneath it on the couch. If you opt for a cheaper yoga blanket or yoga rug, it could be made from unsustainable materials (bad for the environment) and not be of the best quality - meaning that the weaving might be too loose to support you for the yoga postures you’ll be tackling or even have a chance of snagging and unraveling.

When choosing the material, you have a few options:

  • Cotton - softest and most durable, but can shrink if you wash them in hot water
  • Wool - dense and thick, so they’re great for cold months, but it’s not vegan-friendly
  • Blends - the most affordable, and can come in fun colors and patterns

Like all blankets, yoga blankets come in a variety of sizes. But you should gravitate towards a blanket that is big enough to cover you for Savasana. General rule of thumb is that the taller you are, the bigger a blanket you will need. Even if you’re on the shorter side, a large yoga blanket can give you more options for folding and rolling to support you during poses.

Cleaning your yoga blanket

Take care of your yoga blanket, and your yoga blanket will take care of you. Washing by hand or in a gentle setting with mild detergent and cold water helps prevent shrinking and fading, while also allowing you to save energy. It’s always recommended to hang-dry your yoga blanket. It might take longer, but you’ll reduce the amount of snagging and unraveling threads. You should also avoid bleaching, ironing, or anything that could damage the blanket.

Adding a yoga blanket to your home inventory, or having it to pack for a vacation is a great idea for all yogis in these chilly months. Happy posing!

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