Yoga to Match The Weather

Like many others, my mood can sometimes be dependent on the weather of the day. If it’s a gloomy day, I might be more downtrodden or glum, while on a sunny, spring day I'm more inclined to be happier and uplifting. Changing our schedules to match the mood and day is very common, so why shouldn’t our yoga practice change too? Below are a couple different yoga practices according to the weather!

Rainy Day Yoga

Today I’ll be drawing inspiration from Yoga with Adriene’s Yoga For a Rainy Day. Focusing on relaxing poses and your breathing, while also working on your flexibility is a great rainy day activity. Sitting down with your legs straight in front of you, inch your hands down your legs until you reach your toes, keeping your posture as straight as possible. If you cannot reach your toes, grab your ankles. Bring your left leg into yourself with the bottom of your foot flat on your right thigh and your knee facing away from your body and your upper body facing outward. Lift your right arm into the air and bend your right arm so your palm rests on your bent knee. Tilt your body to your outstretched leg, feeling the pull in your sides. Hold and repeat on the other side. 

Other relaxing poses to practice on a rainy day could include child’s pose, pigeon pose, and downward dog. Anything that eases your mind and body and allows you to relax and unwind is a great rainy day yoga pose.

Sunny Day Yoga

When I think of sunny days I think of energy and spirit. Pushing yourself and having fun doing it. Unlike our rainy day yoga, this practice will be more energized and revitalizing, focusing on getting the blood pumping and heart racing. The side plank pose starts with a regular plank position, making sure your hips are hinged and your butt isn’t stuck up in the air. From there, shift your weight onto your left side and lift your right arm into the air slowly, maintaining your balance. With your right foot either laying on the other or slightly raised off the ground, this is a great pose to strengthen your muscles. Other practices include mountain climbers, making sure to keep those feet moving and your upper body in line with your arms, as well as upward facing dog, laying flat on your stomach with your hands placed flat by your hips, lift your upper body off the ground until your hips are only slightly raised and your chin held high. 

Focus on getting your heart rate up, and don’t be afraid of a little sweat!

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