Yoga Poses to Strengthen Concentration

As you may know by now, the practice of yoga is so much more than just physical exercise. It’s about resolve and connection to oneself. It’s also a great way to practice and strengthen our own concentration, helping us to excel in our daily lives at home and in the workplace. By following some of these yoga poses, you should see your ability to concentrate increase, and your mood lift as well!

Chair Pose

The chair pose is a great exercise to strengthen your thighs, tone the arms, and activates the back muscles. Start by standing straight with your feet flat on the ground. Lift your arms straight above your head, keeping your back straight and chin up. With your arms still in the air, bend your knees slightly with your back still straight. You should start to feel a burn in your back, arms, and thighs. Hold this pose for thirty to sixty seconds and focus on your breathing, in through your nose, hold, breathe out through your mouth, and hold. 

Eagle Pose

The Eagle Pose is an exercise that hones in on strengthening the thighs and ankles, as well as opens the back. Start by lifting your elbows to face level with your arms reaching up. Twist your right arm around your straightened left one. Bend your upper body forward, opening your hips and keeping your back straight. Now, with your left leg firmly placed on the ground, lift your right leg and bend it at the knee, curving it around your left leg. Make sure that your upper body doesn’t bend too forward or you could lose your balance. Hold this pose for thirty to sixty seconds, or as long as you can. Continue to practice your breathing throughout. 

Tree Pose

We’ve all heard of it before, but the tree pose is a great way to practice on your concentration without the pain. Reach your arms straight up and connect your palms over your head. With one leg firmly planted on the ground, lift your other leg and bend it at the knee, placing your foot flatly on your inner thigh of the straightened leg. This is a great pose to practice your breathing and concentration. Close your eyes, and feel the earth below you, the energy reaching from your toes on the ground, up your legs until it reaches all the way to the tips of your fingers raised above your head. Practicing and honing in on these skills can really help you in your personal and work life, learning to take a moment to yourself during a hectic day.

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