Yoga Poses for Toned Legs

We’re all getting used to our new schedules as the seasons pass and Covid is still here, so why not add some new yoga routines and poses to spice things up for the colder seasons. Give your abs a break, it’s sweater season now and it’s time to get those legs strong and toned. Here is a list of yoga poses to help you tone your legs and thighs. 


What a surprise...not. Planks are one of the most obvious but effective ways to build up arm, leg, and ab strength. Hold a plank on your forearms with your butt lowered and stomach in for thirty seconds to a minute; repeat this two or three more times. If you’re thinking one minute isn’t enough, just trust me on this one, it is. 

Bridge Pose

The bridge pose is a great pose to try if you haven’t before. It’s not too difficult but still very effective in giving you that toned butt and legs that we all secretly (or not so secretly) desire. Start on your back with your knees bent. Place your hands palm down at your sides and plant your feet firmly on the ground. Lift your hips off the ground until you can’t anymore, and squeeze those glutes! Slowly bring your butt back to the ground and repeat. You should definitely start to feel the burn in your thighs and glutes. Make sure to keep your back on the floor when lifting your lower half. 

Chair Pose

If you thought the bridge pose was too easy for you then this should be right up your alley. Think wall pose minus the wall. Purely leg strength. Stand with your legs slightly spread out, knees bent, almost like a squat. Lift your arms above your head, reaching up, and keep your back straight. Hold this for either 45 seconds or a minute, then repeat. You’ll definitely feel it in the morning when you can’t sit down, but it’ll be worth it I promise!


Lunges are popular in both regular workouts and yoga classes because it’s basically all about breathing. Many use this pose in a spiritual sense, while others use it just to get fit. We are looking at it in the latter sense today. Stand straight and take a deep step with one leg. Bend your outstretched knee to make a 90 degree angle. Keep your body on one line, almost like a string is holding you up. With your back leg, lightly bend it until your knee is just above the ground. If you need a little help, touch your knee to the ground lightly. Push off your front leg until you're standing upright again, and repeat on the other leg.

Now that you know a few leg toning poses, feel free to incorporate them into your yoga schedule, or create a new one! With the new season means new beginnings and challenges, this could be one of them!

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