Yoga Pants Vs. Leggings: What’s the Difference?

If you’ve ever been browsing for yoga pants online and found yourself with a case of sticker shock, the thought of forgetting about buying yoga pants altogether and sticking with traditional leggings has probably crossed your mind. After all, how different can they be? They’re both made to hug your body and provide maximum comfort, so aren’t yoga pants and legging basically the same thing? While it’s true they share many of the same characteristics, yoga pants and leggings are designed and intended for very different purposes. Here are a few really good reasons why you should rethink wearing those basic cotton leggings to your next yoga class.

What’s Unique About Leggings?

Interestingly, leggings were originally designed to be worn underneath other clothing as an added layer of warmth, similar to old-fashioned long johns! It wasn’t until very recently that leggings evolved to become the wardrobe staple that we all know and love today. Despite being made to fit snuggly your body, leggings are primarily made to be comfortable. This explains why they are typically made out of softer fabrics such as lycra and cotton. These attributes make them ideal for running errands or working from home, but not a good choice for more active pastimes like yoga or other workouts. Thanks to their comfort and breathability, leggings are also thinner than yoga pants, making them easy to see through in positions like downward-facing dog or squats. Even more frustrating, leggings are made to stretch throughout the day, meaning that you’ll likely find them becoming too loose after a few minutes of exercise or even rolling down at the waistband area. 

Okay, What About Yoga Pants?

As the name suggests, yoga pants are designed specifically for flowing through your favorite yoga poses or any other workout you’re into. Most high-quality yoga pants are made of fabrics that offer compression and contouring benefits such as spandex. This body-hugging design might not be ideal for lounging around, but it will keep you feeling snug and secure no matter how intense your workout is. Unlike leggings, yoga pants will not stretch over time and will keep you focused on your movements without needing to adjust your waistband after every vinyasa and the thicker design will ensure that you can nail every single posture without the risk of someone behind getting a peek of your undies. Perhaps even more beneficial, most yoga pants are made with sweat-wicking fabrics. This allows you to stay fresh and dry even during hot yoga, outdoor runs, or any other high-intensity workout. 


While leggings hold a very special place in our hearts, there is no substitution for a good pair of yoga pants. Thankfully, high-quality yoga pants are extremely durable and are made to last for many years to come. If you’re ready to flow through your yoga practice in comfort and style, then consider investing in a pair of top-notch yoga pants that you’ll love today. 

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