Yoga For Slimmer Arms

Many people think that a productive arm workout day must include weightlifting and pull ups till you drop, but that’s not necessarily true. There are many ways that one can practice arm workouts that don’t include 200lb weights. Yoga is a great alternative for those who are in search of a different kind of workout. Here’s a list of yoga poses for slimmer, toned arms. 

Downward Dog - Side Plank

Starting on your feet, bend down keeping your back legs as straight as possible, and place your hands on the ground, slowly walking it out until your butt is high in the air, shifting the majority of your weight onto your straightened legs. After holding this pose for twenty seconds, bring your feet together and put your weight onto your left leg and arm, shifting your chest to face outward and reach your right arm over your head, pointing straight up. Your right leg should be balanced on your left, or as close as you possibly can. Hold this pose for twenty seconds, then go back into your downward dog, and switch to the other side. 

Inclined Plane

Sitting on your mao with your legs straight ahead of you, place your hands flat behind your back near your hips, fingers facing towards your body. Slowly lift your body off the ground, arching your back and pointing your toes flat on the ground. Keep your hips arched forward and glutes tight, making your body as straight as possible lifted off the ground. Hold this pose for twenty  seconds, rest, and repeat two more times. 


Laying on your stomach, place your palms flat on the ground next to your chest, arms bent facing up. With the balls of your feet firmly on the ground, lift your body off the ground, keeping yourself as flat and straight as possible. Keep your arms straightened all the way and your hips inward, so your butt and back aren’t arched. Keep your head facing straight ahead and your chest puffed out with your shoulders aligned and level. 

For a more difficult plank, start with your forearms flat on the ground instead of your palms, keeping your body closer to the ground making this pose more difficult but also more effective. Hold either pose for thirty seconds to a minute, and repeat two to three more times a day. 


Similar to the plank, start on your stomach with your palms flat on either side of your chest. Lift the upper half of your body off of the ground, hips slightly raised off of the floor. Arch your back and keep your chin straight, either looking straight ahead or towards the sky. Hold for thirty seconds. 

For a more difficult workout, lift your whole body off the ground, keeping your back arched and your hips tight, with your legs just off the ground and only the tops of your feet and your palms touching the ground. 

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