Yoga for Seniors

Yoga is for all to enjoy, young and old. In last week's blog, we talked about yoga videos for the younger generation to listen and follow along to, so now we will talk about yoga poses that are easily accessible to the senior community!

Child’s Pose

Start by kneeling on your shins, reaching your arms above your head, and keeping your back straight. Slowly bend the upper half of your body towards the ground until your hands and forehead touch the floor - or as far as you can go. This pose is great for relieving neck and lower back pain, as well as stretching out the spine. 

Tree Pose

Standing up straight, lift your right leg off the ground, placing the bottom of your foot on your left leg for balance. Raise your arms in the air over your head until your palms meet above your head. This pose is amazing for balance, as well as strengthening your legs and arms. If you want to work on your arm muscles, raise two weights above your head while balancing on your one leg. Remember to take your time on this one, waiting to stabilize before lifting your leg. If you have balance issues, you can lean against a wall when completing this pose.

Cobra Pose

Laying down on your stomach on your mat with your hands flat on the ground by your chest and your elbows pointing upward. Then, lift your torso up until your arms are straight and your upper body is off the floor. Your hips should be either on the ground or slightly raised. This pose is great for strengthening your arms and wrists, as well as stretching out your abdominal muscles. This is a go-to for me after a workout as well to help reduce soreness the next day. 

Downward Dog

Loved by all, this is probably the most commonly known yoga pose, and for good reason! Standing with your feet slightly apart, reach down until your hands are touching the floor. If you can’t do this, that’s ok (I can’t either!), just bend your knees until you can. From there, walk your arms out until your butt is high in the air and your body is making a V formation. This pose benefits the whole body! Your arms, shoulders, abdomen, and legs will strengthen and your back, ankles, calves, and spine will stretch. 

We all need our daily dose of exercise, and for many hitting the gym and benching weights simply isn’t going to work. With all of us stuck at home yoga has been a saving grace for many, so why not spread the love and experience to all who are interested! 

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