Yoga for Kids

The practice of yoga has many benefits to the human body and mind. Yoga improves your strength, flexibility, and balance, eases muscle and joint pain, brightens moods - the list goes on! So why not share that love with kids? It’s been proven that children who practice yoga have a decrease in anxiety and stress, higher self-esteem, and can increase their body awareness as well as mindfulness. If that’s not reason enough, with the kids cooped up inside, a little relaxation for both children and parents can’t hurt. Below is a list of yoga videos to follow for and with your kids!


StoryHive is a platform for filmmakers, musicians, storytellers, and creators to use to connect with their community to get their message across. From mental health awareness to wildlife on the west coast, this channel has it all, including yoga for kids. StoryHive’s “Yoga for Kids!” is led by Sophia Khan, who leads a fun and family-friendly introduction to yoga. Follow along with this 25-minute video as you practice fun and well-known poses such as angry cat, child’s pose, and cobra!

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Unlike StoryHive who only has one video of yoga with kids, Cosmic Kids Yoga is exclusively for, you guessed it, yoga for kids! Join Jaime Amor and her infectiously bubbly personality as she leads us through an exciting laugh-filled yoga session. Uploading once a week, Jaime has all types of yoga videos, from helping with anxiety, fairytale yoga, and yoga to make you smile. You can find everything your kid could hope for in any of her videos, and I promise they’ll love it!

Alo Yoga

Follow along with yogi and schoolteacher Alissa for a 15-minute special yoga video just for kids! This video is great for kids who enjoy playtime and have extra energy to burn. You’ll be able to move with Alissa as she practices yoga with some fun animal and nature poses and exercises while adding in some interactive sound effects for good measure! With great commentary and fun movements, you simply can’t go wrong. 

At the end of the day, this can be an amazing bonding experience that you can share with your kids, whether you follow along with a youtube video or make it up as you go. You will all benefit from it greatly and I'm sure you’ll have a great time doing it, too.

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