Yoga Blocks: What They Are and How To Pick The Best One

Yoga is, by and large, an exercise that can be done unencumbered by much else besides your body and your mat. You don’t need fancy equipment or gear to be a yogi, which makes it so widely practiced and loved. Yet, there are a few optional tools that make yoga easier and safer, and yoga blocks are one of them! 

What are yoga blocks? Yoga blocks are small (typically 9 x 4.5 x 3 inches) blocks, typically made of foam, wood, or cork, that allow yogis to deepen the effect of yoga asanas and/or make a pose easier or safer to perform. They can support the back and serve as an extension of the arms or legs.

Most yoga studios have yoga blocks you can borrow, but if you practice yoga from home, it’s a good idea to invest in one yourself. It’s also more sanitary to bring your own yoga block to your studio.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of yoga blocks!

Do I really need to use a yoga block?

No, yoga blocks aren’t necessary at all. As we mentioned above, yoga is great in that it can be done with little to no equipment or professional gear--just you and your body! However, yoga blocks can help enhance your yoga experience by deepening or enhancing certain poses.

Yoga blocks can be more critical for those with injuries or physical limitations. They’re also helpful for yoga beginners who may be less flexible, strong, or accustomed to the movements and positions used in yoga. Yoga blocks can be used to help these individuals get used to more challenging poses.

What are the benefits of yoga blocks?

While a yoga block may seem like a crutch that could get in the way of a full yoga experience, they are actually a tool that allows you to achieve an even fuller yoga experience! Here are a few of the benefits of yoga blocks:

  • Makes yoga poses more accessible for all bodies
  • Increases balance
  • Prevents injury by reducing strain
  • Enables proper performance of yoga asanas
  • Can add more challenge to certain poses for advanced yogis

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