Workplace Yoga Poses Help Posture and Promote Relaxation and Renewed Focus

Yoga is arguably one of the easiest forms of exercise to add to your daily life—it’s beginner-friendly, easy on the joints, and if you can’t find a professional studio (which is becoming less likely with a statistic of approximately 6,000 yoga studios existing in the United States) then you can still access it from home as long as you have a mat and an internet connection. However, one snag in doing regular yoga is time, and with only so many hours in one day, there’s not a greater obstacle than our working lives. Yes, you could always do yoga on your days off, but that’s not really a solution for those of us that want to do it more regularly than that. That’s why the team here at Yoga Pants Cat is here to introduce you to workplace yoga, a practice that can keep you on top of your yoga routine as well as spice up the mundanity of the workday. 

Benefits of Workplace Yoga

Now, while we pitched this idea as an efficient way to do more yoga and have fun on the job, there are some genuine health benefits in workplace yoga, too. Starting off, if you have a desk job, then you’re probably familiar with frequent back pain and frankly, a less-than-happy spine. You should be happy to know that just a few minutes of workplace yoga every day can lessen your back pain as well as improve your posture! The perks don’t end there—on the mental wellness side of things (as we know, yoga covers both body and mind) you’re likely to see reduced stress, lower aggression, and increased morale and motivation. Workplace yoga also helps combat burnout, which is sure to please both you and your boss. So on your next lunch break, take a look at our techniques so you can return to work relaxed, less anxious, and happy knowing you’re keeping yourself healthy!

How to Practice Workplace Yoga

Luckily, there are many resources available to know where to start, so we recommend asking your yoga instructor for any pointers as well as looking at some basic suggestions below. 

  • Breathing. We can’t live without it, and that goes for yoga as well. The key is to breathe in deeply through your nose, taking a few seconds to let your lungs fill up, then exhale slowly.
  • Leg Stretches. This one’s great if you sit still all day. For the workplace, we recommend the Triangle Pose, as well as the Seated Forward Bend if you’re comfortable sitting on the floor. 
  • Seated Exercise. The darling of workplace yoga poses, we at Yoga Pants Cat have provided a quality, in-depth article on how to get started. 

  • And there you have it. Follow this guide and you’ll be a workplace yoga pro in no time, and maybe even inspire intrigued coworkers into joining in on the fun along the way. If you’re an employer, consider using this guide to introduce office group yoga, proven to have the physical and mental health benefits listed above, and you’ll walk away with a healthier, happier, and much more productive team.

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