What Are Good Yoga Props for a Beginner to Use?

Yoga is a great way to relax, but also strengthen your body. There are a few yoga props you can buy so you can enhance your experience, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned yogi. You should always consult with your doctor or medical professional before incorporating certain yoga props into your routine if you have a history of injuries, especially to your joints.

Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is one of the most common yoga props for a beginner and experienced yogi alike. It’s a useful tool to have because it’s portable, so you can either practice yoga at home, in a studio during a class, and outdoors in a park or while hiking. Yoga mats provide cushion between you and the ground, making any poses you do better for your joints. When you’re shopping for a yoga mat, you should take into consideration what your body needs and what you need out of your mat. We’ve created a few things to keep in mind while finding the right yoga mat for you.

Yoga Bolster

A yoga bolster is a firm cushion or pillow that can help support you in poses and gives you the ability to increase your stretching and deepen your breathing exercises. When looking at yoga props for beginners, we always recommend a yoga bolster because it enables you to do more advanced yoga poses on a beginner level.

Yoga Block

Yoga blocks are especially helpful for beginners or those that have previous joint injuries. Yoga blocks essentially bring the ground to you during your stretches. For example, when you’re in a forward bend pose, having a yoga block between your hands and the ground allows you to feel the benefits of the stretch, without putting strain on your hamstrings and lower back.


Yoga blocks are also a good yoga prop for beginners because once you’re no longer a beginner, you can continue to use them to deepen your posture or use them as stabilizing blocks to give yourself more of a challenge during your routine.

Yoga Strap

When you want to incorporate yoga props for a beginner into your routine, a yoga strap is a great addition. Like a yoga block, a yoga strap can help you stretch your limbs without putting pressure on your joints. You can also use a yoga strap to help stretch your muscles before and after exercise by stretching your legs in a seated position, or opening your chest. Once you’ve practiced yoga for a while, you can start using a yoga strap to challenge yourself with more difficult balancing poses.

Yoga Wedge

Having a yoga wedge is ideal for beginners, but also for those who have tight backs or lower back problems. A yoga wedge will help you balance and distribute your weight evenly during poses so you’re not potentially straining previous injuries. These are great for when you need to manage pain but want to continue practicing yoga, specifically after having a surgery.

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