Underwater Yoga

With the temperatures slowly rising, it’s getting near that time to break out the swim trunks and swimsuits. After being locked in our homes for the past year, some fresh air and a cool pool is exactly what we need to get this summer started! Underwater yoga might seem like a pretty weird concept, but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense! Practicing yoga under the waves increases your buoyancy, making it much easier to hold poses and keep your balance. With the worry of gravity no longer weighing on you (pun intended), you now have time to focus your energy on strengthening your body. Below is a list of yoga poses to practice underwater!

Dancer’s Pose

This pose works not only on your balance but helps strengthen your glutes, core, and hamstrings. But because it can be pretty difficult for some to hold due to the balance you need to have, practicing this pose underwater can really help you to focus on one thing at a time instead of trying to do it all at once! Standing with your right foot firmly on the ground, bend your left leg with your foot pointed towards your behind. Grab your left leg with your left hand and bend forwards slightly, bringing your right arm straight ahead to help maintain your balance. As you stretch your body out, engage your left thigh, keeping your chest open and head up. 

Chair Pose 

What is usually a pose that gets the muscles of your glutes and quads burning, with a few modifications and a body of water, you can shift the focus to triceps and lats, as well as engaging your hips and ankles. First, lift your arms in the air, reaching towards the sky. Bend your knees slightly, dropping into a squat, keeping your hips engaged, and your feet at hip-width apart. Depending on how deep the water is that you’re in, your head might be below the water. If that is the case, you can try exhaling as you submerge your head, holding the pose for a few seconds, and slowly straightening your legs, resurfacing, taking a breath, and repeating. 

Low Lunge

The Low Lunge is a great pose for stretching out your quads and glutes, which is why so many people practice this pose before and after a run or workout. As you exhale, step your left leg back, bending it at the knee until it is touching the ground or very close to it. At the same time, engage your hips and raise your arms above your head. Just like the pose before, your head might be underwater for this pose. Arch your back slightly, until your outstretched arms reach past your left leg. Hold for several seconds, step your leg back in, and take a breath if your head was below the surface. Then, repeat on the other leg.

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