Toughest Poses In Yoga

Now we’ve talked about the best beginner poses in yoga, and we’ve spoken about the best poses to do at home, but we haven’t explored the toughest, most challenging yoga poses around the world. For those looking to really push themselves for the coming fall, you’re in the right place. Below is a list of several challenging yoga poses and how to hold them correctly. 

First, we’ve got the One-Handed Tree Pose. We’ve all learned the regular tree pose, where you balance on one leg with your arms outstretched above your head or in a prayer motion in front of you, but the one-handed tree pose is NOT that. Starting as a handstand, you lift one of your arms off the ground and keep your legs outstretched and straight in the air. This pose takes incredible balance and strength and is not for the faint of heart. 

If you’re incredibly flexible, then maybe this pose is the one for you. Called the Destroyer of the Universe (terrifying, I know), this pose starts in a lounge position. With one arm straight up in the air and the other flat against the floor, you lift your bent leg and put it over and around your neck, holding yourself up on your straight leg and one arm. This pose takes great flexibility and strength, especially in your arms.

Now we’ve got the Handstand Scorpion. A form of a handstand, this pose requires lots of balance - see a trend. Starting with your arms flat on the floor, you must lift your entire body into a handstand-like pose, and bend your legs towards the back of your head. This pose can be done in different ways. Some like to have their arms and palms flat on the floor with your chest touching the ground; some like to lift their entire body on just their braced arms, and others just their palms. Whatever rendition you choose to do, take your time and be careful. 

Next, we've got the Wounded Peacock. The key to this pose is having SUPER powerful wrists because you have to lift your entire body on just one wrist. This pose is good for helping to improve your digestion, as well as truly tests your mental focus.

The formidable face pose sounds terrifying, and, well, it is. Laying down on your stomach, you have to bring your entire lower half over your head, with your feet flat on the ground, caging your head in between them.  You’ve probably seen this in any circus performance or acrobatic acts. This requires extreme flexibility, obviously. 

I would like to put a word of caution here. These poses are all on the more difficult side and should not be performed if you have not had the proper practice and/or don’t have someone watching and guiding you. If you are someone who wants to test their abilities with these poses, please do them in a way where your safety is taken into account.

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