Top Yoga Youtube Channels

Living in the middle of a global pandemic can make many things very difficult to do. From seeing your friends and family to eating out for dinner, such mundane things have become off limits for the time being. For many, that includes going to gyms and studios to get a workout in. Of course, many have been thinking outside the box, with outdoor yoga classes and zoom sessions, there are still many ways to stick to a schedule no matter how crazy things are.

But as the weather grows colder and the opportunities to workout outside are quickly disappearing, many need to find a way to get around this obstacle in a safe way. Some make up their own routines, others download apps. And some watch youtube videos. Similar but not exactly like a live class, there is enough structure where you don’t have to make up the entire workout for yourself, but enough room to pause and take a break without missing anything. Below i’ve listed the top 4 Yoga youtube channels to follow along to!

Yoga With Adriene

Since the creation of her channel in 2012, Adriene now has over 8 million subscribers! With an array of videos from monthly playlists to follow, as well as yoga for mental health, chakra opening playlists, and prenatal yoga to name a few, there is something for everyone on this channel. 

Body Positive Yoga

With almost 24K subscribers, this channel focuses on, you guessed it, body positive yoga! Self labeled as a “low pressure, judgement free yoga for big bodies” this channel encourages anyone who may want to start their yoga journey but struggles with self image. The warm community creates the opportunity for any and all to join in on such an amazing message, and to meet new people on the way. 


With about 3.9 million subscribers, this channel helps people to take control of their health and happiness through informative videos of health, psychology, and yoga! With videos ranging from beginner yoga classes to pain relief yoga, there is no shortage of videos to choose from. 

Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga

With 140K subscribers, this channel is located in India, where many believe to be the birth of yoga, and focuses on Ashtanga yoga classes. What’s interesting about this channel is that it does not belong to one individual person, rather gives the space to a yogi to share their yoga practices for several videos. From strength to stretching to vegan recipes, this channel has a large array of choices for anybody who visits. 

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