The Importance of Feet and Foot Health in Yoga

Every yogi knows that yoga is great for engaging and strengthening every part of the body. We know it’s essential to have strong arms, legs, core, and even hands to perform yoga asanas well. But what about the unsung heroes? Feet!

Yep, feet! We bet you hardly think about the importance of feet, both in our day-to-day lives and in yoga. But think about it… Where would we be without our feet? We certainly wouldn’t get far. The same is true in yoga. Our feet are the foundation of our body. With weak or compromised feet, very little is possible in yoga.

Ida Rolf, bodyworker and founder of Structural Integration (also known as Rolfing), once said: "A man's tracks tell quite a true story. They inform quietly about ankles and knees, but they shout the news about hips and pelvis. If one foot is consistently everted [tilted onto its inner edge], the ankle, the knee, or, perhaps more likely, the entire pelvic basin is rotated."

So, let’s talk feet and foot health! In this article, we’ll cover the importance of healthy and robust feet in yoga and signs the “foundations” of your temple may be worse for the wear.

The importance of feet in yoga

For success in yoga, our feet must be flexible and strong. Imagine yourself trying to perform the Tree Pose on a weak and unstable foot! Plus, foot strain doesn’t just stay in your feet. The strain can travel up to your hip joints and lower back.

Your arches are a vital part of the health of your feet. Flat, fallen, or weakened arches can result in ankle pain, strain on the spine, and even poor posture.

Signs your feet may be hurt, strained, or unaligned

Not sure if your feet are in tip-top shape? Look at your shoes in the heel area. Is one side more pressed than the other? That could mean your foot (or feet) is shifted off its central axis. That can cause pain in the knees, hips, and back. Obviously, this can make yoga a lot harder and riskier, too. 

If you believe you have weakened, unaligned, or flat feet, we encourage you to reach out to a podiatrist as soon as possible.

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