How to Prepare for Your Outdoor Yoga Practice

There’s just something special about taking your yoga practice outdoors.

Practicing in the sunshine at the park, at the beach, or in your own backyard can be an amazing, refreshing experience. 

But, practicing yoga outdoors comes with its very own quirks and challenges that you might want to be prepared for! Things like people watching you, bugs, dirt, the sound of cars driving by, wind, and heat are all real things that will definitely make your practice feel a bit different than practicing indoors. 

Despite a few challenges, doing yoga outside is a great experience that you just need to do a little more preparation for!

Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your outdoor yoga practice!

Bring a mat that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty

Unfortunately, your mat will get dirty. And quite honestly, there is no way around it. Designate one of your yoga mats as your outdoor yoga mat so you can be worry-free about it getting dirty during your practice.

Bring headphones

If you’re practicing solo and especially if you’re practicing out in a public place, you may want to have headphones handy (best if they’re wireless!). The sounds of nature may seem peaceful, but you may also hear loud cars going by, people’s conversations around you, and so many other random sounds that you just may want to block out for your practice. Wearing headphones will help you focus on your own headspace and be more mindful in your practice, instead of constantly being distracted or annoyed by the inevitable sounds around you.

Bring sunscreen or pick a shady spot instead

We all want to bask in the glory of the sun, but in reality it’s not going to be fun getting uncomfortably sweaty and hot while simultaneously getting a sunburn.

Pick a shady spot. I promise it will still be amazing. Or if you need the direct sunshine, just make sure to apply sunscreen!

Check the weather before you go

You’ll want your outdoor yoga practice to be enjoyable so make sure the weather is going to cooperate! Check that you’ll have sunshine and low winds to keep you happy throughout your practice.

Be patient with yourself

Doing yoga outside is inevitably going to be different than your indoor practice. Sounds will distract you, strong winds and lumpy grass will challenge your balance, and strong sunshine might drain your energy more quickly than you’re used to. But it all comes with the joy of practicing outdoors! Be patient with yourself as you learn the best way to practice outdoor yoga for you!

And most importantly, have fun!

Practicing yoga outdoors is wonderful in its own beautiful and unpredictable way! Have fun while you practice and laugh with yourself when silly, unexpected things happen.

Enjoy the adventure of practicing yoga outdoors!

Have you practiced yoga outside before? What advice do you have for others trying yoga outdoors for the first time?

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