How to Pick the Perfect Maternity Yoga Pants

There are few things as exciting as preparing to bring a new life into the world. As an expectant mother, making time to honor yourself and your body through your yoga practice is one of the best gifts that you can give to yourself. Having a good, comfortable pair of maternity yoga pants will help you feel secure and confident during any prenatal yoga session. However, not all maternity yoga pants are created equal! Here are a few factors you should look for to pick the perfect pair of maternity yoga pants!

  • Breathable Fabrics

  • Whether you’re practicing yoga at home or in a class setting, you will notice that your body might have a harder time regulating its temperature. Even a standard yoga class can start to feel like hot yoga when you’re far enough along in your pregnancy! Picking maternity yoga pants with high-quality fabrics such as cotton or bamboo will help keep you from feeling overheated during your practice. Perhaps even better, good quality fabrics will allow you to move more easily through your poses, which can be a game-changer when your mobility already feels more constricted.

    1. Coverage Options

    Some pregnant yogis might feel freer by wearing their leggings under the belly and allowing their growing bump to breathe, while others prefer to have their growing belly covered. You might even notice that your preference changes with your trimesters! It’s best to choose yoga pants with adjustable fabric panels that give you the ability to cover your belly fully or fold the panel down for less coverage. 

    1. Slip-Proof Designs

    Having yoga pants that slip or slide down during your practice can be irritating and this becomes even more true when you’re working around a growing belly. You can avoid this by choosing maternity yoga pants with extra high fabric panels that provide extra room for movement. For even more security, shop for yoga pants that feature high-quality fabrics that are more likely to hug your body comfortably. 

    1. Styles with Longevity

    Lastly, you might think that you’ll only be using these yoga pants for a few months and wonder if it’s worth it to invest in a pair that you love, but a good pair of maternity yoga pants can be used long after your little bundle of joy has arrived. You might find that having a good pair of maternity yoga pants becomes even more useful in the months after giving back as your body continues to change and adjust. Pick a pair of yoga pants in a style that suits you and you’ll be able to wear them long after your pregnancy.

    The Verdict

    Picking the perfect pair of maternity yoga pants can make or break your yoga practice both during and after your pregnancy. If you need more help finding maternity yoga pants that you’ll love, you can shop our selection of high-quality, bump-loving maternity yoga pants now. 

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