How to Find Time for Yoga as a Busy Mom

Mothers have always been the unbelievably strong, caring, wise, and loving superheroes of our world. If you’re a mom, let me tell you… You’re absolutely amazing. And guess what? You DESERVE some quality YOU time. 

It’s far too easy to completely neglect to spend time with yourself and for yourself, when you constantly have to worry about getting the kids ready for the day, making meals for them, doing their laundry, watching them, teaching them, making sure they're safe, cleaning up their constant messes, and the hundreds of other things you deal with on a daily basis. 

So, with all of that chaos in the truly wonderful life of a mom, how are you supposed to find time to care for your own body, mind, and soul?

We all know it’s not easy, and it can seem impossible. And, honestly, it seems easier to keep doing the tasks that need to get done yourself. need some time to take for yourself, to gather yourself, or to find yourself again. That’s why I’ve put together a few yoga for moms tips to help busy moms, like you, find time to care for yourself through yoga. 

1. Be flexible with when you practice and what your practice may look like.

Yoga for busy moms looks different for everyone! And yours doesn’t have to match anyone else’s. If you’re a new mom, don’t be discouraged if your practice looks totally different than it did before you were a mom. It’s going to be different, but that doesn’t mean it has to come to an end. 

Your practice may look like simply practicing corpse pose or another relaxation pose while focusing on meditation or deep breathing in a 5-minute pause between tasks. Simply to refocus and relax your mind throughout your day.

It may look like rolling out the yoga mat for yourself and the play mat for your child. Maybe they get to have some tummy time or playtime on their mat, while you find a few moments of yoga and relaxation on your own mat.

Making yoga for moms a fun time for everyone in the family might help you be able to practice longer than just a few minutes. Maybe you take the kids outside to play in the yard or at the beach and they can play while you practice! 

Be creative. Try new things, and see what works the best for you and your kids.

2. Plan out your weekly yoga sessions along with your partner. Find times that they can be with the kids, while you find a little peace for yourself. 

If you have a partner to share responsibilities with, this can be a great way to help each other find some peace away from the chaos of the kids. 

Plan a few times a week that will be your designated yoga for mom times. Discuss this with your partner and see if they can plan to be with the kids for those times.

And you can pay back the favor! Plan a few times a week that will be your partner’s time to be by themselves and you handle the kids for an hour or so. 

Maybe you alternate nights of who has their alone time that day. Maybe you get an hour 3 days a week and your partner gets an hour 3 separate days a week.

Find what works best for you both to relax and find quality time for self-care.

3. Invite your kids to join in yoga with you

Kids love moving their bodies in new ways and they might just love doing yoga with you! Have fun teaching your kids different yoga poses and giggling while they try their best downward dog. Some kids might think it’s boring and lose interest, but you’ll never know unless you try! 

What other ways have you found time to practice yoga as a busy mom?

Comment below with any other advice you have for practicing yoga for busy moms!

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