How to Become More Flexible By Practicing Yoga

Despite yoga being an incredible way to stretch and lengthen your body, many people still think they’re just “too stiff” for yoga

I’m sorry. But if you’re thinking that too, let me tell you… It doesn’t matter if you’re as stiff as a piece of wood because yoga is designed to help you stretch no matter what your skill level is.

No matter where you are in your flexibility journey, there is a place for you in yoga. 

Even if you can’t manage to get into downward dog, there is a place for you.

Even if your hands only reach your knees in a forward fold, there is a place for you!

But, don’t get me wrong. It’ll take motivation and dedication because…

Flexibility is a journey, not a destination

And it will honestly look different for everyone! 

Remember that you’re body won’t automatically become more flexible, but rather it will slowly improve over time. And remember to celebrate the small victories and take your flexibility journey step by step. 

Maybe it will look like making a small goal to reach your hands to your ankles in a forward fold. And once you achieve that, then aim to touch the top of your feet, and eventually the floor.

Remember that the small victories are just as important as the big ones because you wouldn’t be able to achieve those great goals without the small successes along the way!

Be patient with your body

Using yoga for flexibility takes time and dedication and as I said before, it won’t happen overnight. In order to reach your flexibility goals, you need to be patient with yourself and go at your own pace.

Consistency is key

Be consistent in your yoga practice, no matter what it may look like. 

Consistently practicing yoga at least 3-4 times a week is one of the greatest ways to increase flexibility. But, it’s also one of the hardest things to commit to if you’re truly serious about wanting to become more flexible. 

So often, when we have goals to lose weight, exercise more, eat healthier, and simply take better care of our bodies and minds; we want instant results

But the reality is that results take dedication, consistency, and patience to reach. No matter if you want to lose weight, eat healthier, or become more flexible, you need to remember that consistency is key and is truly the best way to reach your goals.

Create a daily stretching routine

Where would you like to become more flexible? In your hips, hamstrings, spine, neck, or all of the above?

Figure out what parts of your body you’d like to be more flexible and create a short stretching yoga routine that will highlight those areas. It can be as simple as choosing 5 stretches to do every day at a certain time, maybe in the morning when you wake up or right before you go to bed. 

Commit to doing those stretches daily for a few weeks and you will most definitely see results and improvement. 

Just remember. Consistency is key!

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