Hot yoga/Bikram yoga

Have you been practicing your yoga moves at home over quarantine, but are now getting bored and now want to spice things up? Or maybe you want to start practicing your yoga outside in local parks as the weather warms up? Maybe you’ve switched up yoga styles completely! Try hot yoga! 

Hot yoga, or most commonly known as Bikram yoga, originated in India and is a form of exercise performed under hot, humid temperatures (80-105 degrees Fahrenheit). It is mostly practiced by those looking to either lose weight or get fit during their yoga sessions, but it is also a form of yoga that shouldn’t be practiced as much as other forms of yoga. Additionally, it isn’t as easy to seek out, you must find a studio that offers Bikram, with the proper equipment, and you may find that not every studio does. 

Unlike other yoga practices, Bikram yoga only has 26 asana poses and two pranayama exercises that don’t change. Depending on your yogi, they may decide to change up the order or leave out certain poses for beginners. Below is a list of 13 of the 26 Bikram Hot Yoga Poses!

  1. Standing Deep Breath: The usual starting position for Bikram Yoga will have you focusing on your breaths before you start to help to provide oxygen, circulation, and focus to the body and mind.
  2. Half Moon Pose: With arms raised, bend your upper body to one side keeping your hands clasped together.
  3. Awkward Pose: Although its name varies depending on the practice, this pose is very similar to a chair pose, and focuses on strengthening your lower body.
  4. Eagle Pose: Standing on one leg with your other wrapped around your thigh, and twisting your arms around each other, this pose strengthens the core and leg muscles. 
  5. Standing Head to Knee Pose: Pretty self-explanatory, this pose increases flexibility and balance. 
  6. Standing Bow Pulling Leg: Balancing on one leg as you reach your arm back to grab the other, this pose improves strength and flexibility.
  7. Balancing Stick Pose: Making a straight horizontal line with your body, balance your body on one leg. This is a great pose for strengthening your core, leg, and flexibility, and balance. 
  8. Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose: This pose stretches the legs, spinal muscles, and is believed to improve the function of abdominal organs. 
  9. Triangle Pose: This pose is practiced to strengthen and stretch both the mind and body. It also focuses on the hips, core, and legs.
  10. Standing Head to Knee Pose: Bending your upper body to your knee, this pose stretches the legs and increases metabolism. 
  11. Tree Pose: Balancing on one leg as you bring your other foot to rest on that one, this pose is great for practicing balance as well as breathing and focus. 
  12. Toe Stand: Very similar to the tree pose, instead of standing on one leg, crouch with one leg laying on the other. This is great for expanding your range of motion in your ankles, knees, and hips. 
  13. Corpse Pose: Although pretty simple, this pose is an excellent time to focus on your concentration and breathing, taking a break halfway through your Bikram routine.

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