5 Yoga Myths Debunked

Despite the spike in popularity that yoga has experienced in recent years, there are several myths and misconceptions that many people have about this ancient practice that have prevented them from taking the first steps in their yoga journey. You might already be aware of the wide range of benefits that a yoga practice can offer for your body and mind, but still hesitant to commit to a regular yoga routine because of these false ideas about yoga. Here are 5 common myths about yoga that can be easily debunked and should no longer prevent you from enjoying all the benefits that a yoga practice has to offer.

You Have to Be Flexible

Many people believe that yoga is all about turning yourself into a human pretzel. While yoga can certainly improve your flexibility, you don’t need to be extremely flexible to start your practice! Most yoga poses feature a variety of modifications for any level of flexibility.

It Takes Up Too Much Time

While it’s true that most yoga classes are around an hour in length, you don’t have to dedicate that much time to your yoga routine. You can practice yoga in as little as 5 minutes during your busy day! By learning the fundamentals of yoga, you can tailor your routine to meet whatever time constraints you may be facing.

It’s All About Cool Handstands 

If you follow many yoga accounts on Instagram, you might be overwhelmed and intimidated by the number of challenging arm balances and handstands you see. While these can be fun to master, a true yoga practice is not about cool aesthetics. It’s about the connection between your breath and your movement, regardless of whether you can nail a headstand. 

It’s Not a “Real” Workout

If you’re used to intense workouts in the gym, you might think that yoga is all stretching and no sweating. The truth is that there are many styles of yoga that range from relaxing to an intense burn. No matter what you’re looking to get out of your practice, there is a type of yoga that is just right for you.

Yoga is Just Another Trend

You’ve probably noticed that yoga is nearly everywhere these days. Before you write it off as just another fitness trend, keep in mind that yoga is an ancient practice that has been used in other cultures for centuries and there’s a reason that these practices have stood the test of time. Yoga provides an experience unlike any other type of workout and will only continue to gain attention as more and more people begin to embark on their yoga journey. 

The Verdict

If you’ve had any reservations about incorporating yoga into your daily life, you should know that not every myth you’ve heard about yoga is even close to being true. The best way to understand what yoga is or what it isn’t is to start experiencing it for yourself. Experiment with your yoga routine and you might just debunk even more myths than you realized. 

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