4 Podcasts All Yogis Will Love

As yoga lovers, we’re always trying to improve our skills and learn more about this ancient and beneficial practice. Podcasts are a great way to learn and entertain ourselves. With over 30 million podcast episodes in existence, there is a podcast for everyone on just about any subject you can imagine. That includes yoga!


If you’ve been trying to educate yourself a bit more on the rich and layered history of yoga, or if you just love yoga and love hearing experts chat about it, why not spend your daily commute or walk on the treadmill listening to a great podcast about yoga?


If you’re on the hunt for a new yoga-related podcast to binge, look no further (except to keep reading this post)! Without further ado, here are 4 podcasts all yogis will love.

You should listen if… you’re a yoga-loving millennial.

If you’re a millennial, you’ll love this podcast. Host Jordan Younger hits on relatable subjects that many millennials face in everyday life. Filled with advice on finding success in your career as a blogger or yoga teacher, this podcast is full of Younger’s wisdom. She asks wellness experts the questions we’ve all been wondering about. Don’t miss out on the answers!

You should listen if… you want to learn more about yogic scriptures and philosophy.

Host Peter Ferko is an experienced yoga teacher at ISHTA Yoga in NYC, an artist and an author. In this podcast, he shares his vast knowledge of yogic scriptures and philosophy. His wisdom shines through in every episode, covering topics like the yamas and niyamas, happiness, and meditation.

You should listen if… you want to hear international perspectives on yoga from experts.

In this excellent podcast, host Peg Mulqueen interviews senior Ashtanga yoga teachers from all around the world. The interviews provide global insight into the ancient practice of yoga, giving the listener a broader cultural perspective on the art of yoga. You’ll enjoy listening to Peg asking all the questions you’d want to ask an experienced teacher.

You should listen if… you’re a yoga teacher.

If you are, or hope to become, a yoga teacher, this is the podcast for you! This podcast is all about how to make money as a yoga instructor. Host Amy MacDonald does a great job of sharing simple tips for actually making a decent living from teaching your passion.

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