How Can Yoga Instructors Ensure Their In-Person Yoga Classes Are Pandemic-Safe?

If you’re a yoga instructor, it’s been a rocky year for your business. When the coronavirus first struck in early 2020, quarantine policies caused many “non-essential” businesses to have to close their doors. Yoga studios were among the first to close. In many parts of the country, yoga studio doors are still closed, and there’s a chance they will be for a while.


Even though yoga is a no-contact and usually “socially-distanced” activity, it can still be unsafe to gather groups in one space, especially if masks are not worn.


Still, slowly but surely, the United States is reopening businesses, and that includes yoga studios. Whether your studio has already reopened its doors or you’re planning for the future, you are likely wondering how you can keep yourself, your employees, and your patrons safe while keeping your business afloat and keeping everyone happy.


Here are some points to consider before, during, and after reopening your business to ensure your yoga classes are as pandemic-safe as possible.

Do some research beforehand.

Every area of the world is different in terms of the severity of cases and the degree of reopening. Make sure you are aware of the status quo before you decide to reopen your studio. First and foremost, be sure it is allowed by your local government, and second, use your best judgment to determine if it is a wise move.

If your establishment is in a congested area with a high and increasing number of cases, pump the brakes. But if your area has a low and diminishing number of cases, you can think about reopening—while taking all the necessary precautions, of course.

Be sure that you and your employees are healthy.

The most important consideration before reopening your yoga studio is your and your employees’ health. 

If you or an employee has a preexisting health condition that would make them vulnerable to the symptoms of COVID-19, it might be best to either wait to reopen or wait to call your workers back in.

And, obviously, you should know that you and your employees do not have the virus. Before reopening, have you and all your employees undergo a coronavirus test. After reopening, if you or any of your employees feel sick, stay home and test again.

Remember, it is possible to have the coronavirus without showing symptoms. That’s why testing is essential! 

Follow safety protocols to a T.

Once you reopen your yoga studio, be sure to follow all state-sanctioned safety protocols. These will vary, but here are a few rules of thumb:

  • All employees and patrons should wear face masks.
  • Observe six-feet social distancing.
  • Remove frequently touched objects to limit germ spread.

Communicate with your students

Last but not least, boost communication with your yoga students! Your patrons may still be on the fence about returning to public spaces. The more you share all the measures you are taking to stay safe, whether on your website, via social media, or over the phone, the safer your students will feel, and the more likely they are to do their part to keep your studio safe.

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